Multiliteracy Mandala

The Multiliteracy Mandala
In a digital world, new literacy tools and texts create expansive concepts of literacy. The Multiliteracy Mandala is a way to reflect upon the various, complex and interrelated components of contemporary literacy. The mandala form can be considered a two-dimensional representation of a “universe,” in this case, contemporary literacy. The premise is that there are various levels of literacy and that when users engage with content, they do so on different levels of expertise, through different focal points, and with different needs and intentions.

Because digital tools make it possible to engage with others on a global scale, the Multiliteracy Mandala is designed to engage and encourage participatory and collaborative thinking about the nature of new media literacy. Users are encouraged to use the mandala form to change or make their own vision of the literacy “universe” and to distribute it to others for debate and reflection. It is hoped that the resulting discourse can be used to inform new approaches to literacy learning in a digital world.


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